Wednesday, June 1, 2011


is it gross or wrong i want to date timid girls who smile shyly but always glance at me and look downwards when i stand too close to them on purpose at parties

because i want to smell her breath while i put a leg in between hers and lick her open lips as i hold the side of her tight waist with one hand and the other against the back of her thigh

and that i want to make her cry when i blame her for something she didnt mean to do and tongue kiss her when she tries to push me away on my bed when we argue at night

or that it makes me want to pull her hair backwards and put my hand on her throat with an aroused grin and soft eyes like some sort of wolf because shes angry i cant get hard from not sleeping

but i love it when a cold girl who barely ever smiles with grey eyes shoves her slender fingers in my mouth testing my gag relax with the same look on her face

pulling my short cut and uneven boyish brown hair back starting to breathe heavily as her tits heave up and down drenched with sweat from being fucked all night

while the fan blows facing us both as we stink up the room in the summer on dirty bedsheets and open windows let in the sound of crickets as she spits into my mouth and slaps me

and when she leaves me i cry but if i get her back i will cum in her without a condom and mindlessly infect with chlamydia just because i want to feel the insides again

but i will let her emotionally abuse me for years till i wanna die and squirm on the bathroom floor as long as she climbs back into bed with her tongue hanging out and her crotch moist..

or even when she doesnt

i guess its an eye for an eye

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